Ramesh Jarkiholi 'Sex Tape' Viral : Water Resource Minister in Karnataka Government and BJP Leader's video viral

After the 'Sex Tape' of BJP Leader and Water Resource Minister in Karnataka Government, Ramesh Jarkiholi, went viral on internet, Social activist Dinesh Kallahalli has accused the Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi of misusing the young woman who had asked for help.

Social activist Dinesh Kallahalli, who spoke on the issue in Bengaluru, alleged that the young woman was threatened to death. But scenes like 'Sex Tape' of BJP Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi and a telephone call where the young woman has spoken with the minister are being analyzed as if it was an agreed relationship. But the police investigation alone needs to know more.

In the meantime, Dinesh Kallahalli has lodged a complaint against Water Resource Minister in Karnataka Government Ramesh Jarkiholi, on behalf of the victim over the 'sex tape". I am ready to cooperate with all kinds of investigation on this. "There should be a proper investigation," he said in a statement.

The Sex tape of Water resource Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi is spreading over the Internet.

Abuse of work for the Minister of Water Resources

The complaint was filed on Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, who allegedly abused the young woman by promising to work for the young woman of RT city in Bangalore. However, Ramesh Jarkiholi is currently managing the water department. Thus there is confusion as to when this video was made. Why did the Minister of Water Resources Ramesh Jarkiholi give the victim young girl the promise of working in the Energy Department, especially KPTCL? That is suspicious.

Ramesh Jarkiholi demands for Energy Department

There have also been reports of Ramesh Jarkiholi demanding the Department of Energy in the previous alliance government. The Department of Energy was taken over by the current KPCC president DK. Shivakumar, So Ramesh may have hoped that he would get the Department of Energy in that case. There is also talk that Ramesh Jarkiholi may have promised to give the victim a job in the energy department.

As the Ramesh Jarkiholi Sex Tape video was revealed in Bengaluru, it has been reported that power has been cut across the Gokak taluk represented by Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi. Locals in Gokak are making allegations that voters in the Gokak assembly constituency should not listen to the news in the media. But the whole Sex CD footage is now streaming on the social network. Social activist Dinesh Kallahalli, who had filed a complaint on behalf of the young woman, reported that the Sex CD was given to the victim and her family members.